Barrow Central Wheelers - Course Records

These are the courses currently in use.

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Course Record Holder Time Date
Circuit of Coniston (L1) Course RecordPaul O'Mahoney (Ghyllside Cycles) 37:4503-May-2006
Club RecordDave Huck 38:5012-Jun-2019
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 42:0812-Jun-2019
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 42:0812-Jun-2019
Circuit of Rusland Course RecordDave Huck (BCW) 32:5025-Apr-2018
Club RecordDave Huck 32:5025-Apr-2018
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 37:3325-Apr-2018
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 37:3325-Apr-2018
Coast Road 10 Course RecordPaul O'Mahoney (Ghyllside Cycles)21:1128-Jun-2006
Club RecordDave Huck 21:4231-May-2017
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 24:5003-Apr-2019
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 24:5003-Apr-2019
Coast Road 21  (L212) Course RecordTom Rigby (Springfield Financial RT) 45:5315-Apr-2017
Club RecordDave Huck 47:1405-Jul-2017
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 54:0004-Jul-2018
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 54:0004-Jul-2018
Coast Road 25 Course RecordCraig Steele (Lakes RC) 00:55:1018-May-2016
Club RecordDave Huck 00:56:0621-Jun-2017
  Course Record (L)Alex Fairer (BCW) 01:07:4321-Jun-2017
  Club Record (L)Alex Fairer 01:07:4321-Jun-2017
Haverthwaite 10 (H1) Course RecordPaul O'Mahoney (Ghyllside Cycles) 20:0105-Jul-2006
  Club RecordPaul O'Mahoney 20:1407-Apr-2004
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 22:1101-May-2019
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 22:1101-May-2019
Haverthwaite 15 Course RecordTom Martin (Wheelbase) 30:5023-May-2018
  Club RecordScott Smith 32:0023-May-2018
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 35:4023-May-2018
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 35:4023-May-2018
Haverthwaite 20 Course RecordKieran Lacey (BCW) 41:4124-Jul-2019
  Club RecordKieran Lacey 41:4124-Jul-2019
  Course Record (L)Alex Fairer (BCW) 50:2525-Jul-2018
  Club Record (L)Alex Fairer 50:2525-Jul-2018
Haverthwaite 25 Course RecordPaul O'Mahoney (ProBikeKit) 52:3118-Jul-2007
  Club RecordOliver McKenna 53:0022-May-2019
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 00:56:4410-Jul-2019
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 00:56:4410-Jul-2019
Bigland Hill Climb Course RecordAlex O'Brien (Garstang CC) 5:1019-Aug-2019
  Club RecordDave Huck 5:1220-Aug-2018
  Course Record (L)Lynn Hammel (Trainsharp) 6:4522-Apr-2014
  Club Record (L)- --
Gamswell Hill Climb Course RecordDave Huck (BCW) 4:5504-Sep-2017
  Club RecordDave Huck 4:5504-Sep-2017
  Course Record (L)Lynn Hammel (Team Lusso) 6:0816-Jun-2015
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 6:3802-Sep-2019
Kirkby Slate Road Hill Climb Course RecordDave Huck (Lakes RC) 4:0130-Mar-2014
  Club RecordConnor Furness (J) 4:2323-Aug-2012
  Course Record (L)Anne Plant (Herbalife/Wheelbase) 6:4319-Feb-2012
  Club Record (L)Claire Lindsay 7:3408-Sep-2018
Knottallow Hill Climb Course RecordDave Huck (BCW) 5:4510-Sep-2018
  Club RecordDave Huck 5:4510-Sep-2018
  Course Record (L)Christina Wiejak (BCW) 7:3411-Sep-2017
  Club Record (L)Christina Wiejak 7:3411-Sep-2017
Woodland Hill Climb Course RecordDave Huck (BCW) 4:1927-Aug-2018
  Club RecordDave Huck 4:1927-Aug-2018
  Course Record (L)Josie Smith (Barnsley RC) 6:4226-Aug-2019
  Club Record (L)Alex Fairer 7:4525-Aug-2016
Past courses (no longer used)
Circuit of Cartmel (H2) Course RecordMark Lacey (Twickenham CC)  34:0012-Jun-1996
  Club RecordPaul O'Mahoney 34:0402-Jul-2003
Torver  (L201) Course RecordGethin Butler 47:02???-???-???
  Club RecordPaul O'Mahoney 51:0923-Apr-2005
Grizebeck Hill Climb Course RecordJohn Dodgin (BikeTreks) 7:2126-May-2011
  Club RecordScott Smith 7:3126-May-2011
  Course Record (L)Lynn Hammel (Wheelbase) 7:4826-May-2011
  Club RecordRennel Brennan 10:1026-May-2011