Full event list for 2021  (Click on the course name to see the route and profile)

You must read the document "BCW Procedure List for Time Trials - 2021 season" for information on how to enter these events, social distancing measures, risk assessment etc.

Information on how to enter BCW Club events available here.

  DateEventStartCourse Organiser Signs Timekeeper Marshals (req'd)
31-Mar-2021 10 Club event 18:30 Coast Road G.Carrick T.Johnston   R.Cooper, B.Atkinson (1)
  07-Apr-2021 10 Club event 18:30 Coast Road G.Carrick T.Johnston   L.Minnican, I.Littlehales (1)
  14-Apr-2021 10 Club event 18:30 Haverthwaite G.Carrick T.Johnston   E.Quinn, N.Lawrence, M.Hutchings (2)
  21-Apr-2021 Circuit of Rusland Trophy 18:30 Rusland-Haverthwaite G.Carrick T.Johnston   M.Smolen, P.Hercberg, R.Bell, P.Revell, P.Abernethy, I Littlehales (6)
  28-Apr-2021 10 Club event 18:30 Haverthwaite Committee T.Johnston   R.Cooper, B.Atkinson, T.Stephenson, S.Stephenson (2)
  02-May-2021 BCW SpoCo event (21 mile) 09:00 Coast Road-21 (L212) Committee     L.Minnican, S.Lovidge (2)
  05-May-2021 Circuit of Coniston (1) 18:30 Lowick Committee     A.Stubbs, L.Minnican, S.Budgett, G.Kerr, M.Smolen (5) 
  12-May-202125 Club event 19:00 Haverthwaite-25 Committee     K.Chadwick, R.Bell, R.Morgan (3)
  19-May-2021Roa Island 16 19:00 Roa Island-16 Committee     R.Bell, S.Shields, T.Doyle, L.Minnican, G.Rhodes (5)
  26-May-202115 Club event 19:00 Haverthwaite-15 Committee     A.Stubbs, T.Johnston, R.Morgan (3)
  02-Jun-2021Circuit of Coniston (2) 19:00 Lowick Committee     S.Lovidge, S.Casson, L.Minnican (5)
  09-Jun-2021Torver GP 18:30 Torver Village Hall Committee     J.Brannon, R.Bell, S.Casson, T.Johnston (3)
  16-Jun-2021Jackson Trophy 25 19:00 Coast Road-25 Committee     R.Taylforth, A.Sudell, G.Rhodes, R.Gerrard (4)
  23-Jun-202110 Club event 19:00 Coast Road Committee      Jonny Hill (1)
  30-Jun-202121 Club event 19:00 Coast Road-21 (L212) Committee      R.Helm, S.Murray (2)
  07-Ju1-2021Club Cup 25 19:00 Haverthwaite-25 Committee J.Hodgson   R.Butler (3)
  14-Jul-2021Circuit of Cartmel (1) 19:00 Cartmel Committee J.Hodgson   S.Garnett, G.Carrick, S.Taylor, E.Quinn, C.Lindsay (5)
  21-Jul-202110 Club event (2up TTT) 19:00 Coast Road Committee J.Hodgson   R.Bell, J.Hodgson , R.Gerrard (3)
  28-Jul-2021Club Cup 25 19:00 Haverthwaite-25 Committee J.Hodgson   V.McMurtha, S.Lovidge, R.Helm (2)
  04-Aug-2021Club Cup 25 19:00 Haverthwaite-25 Committee     V.McMurtha, S.Garnett, R.Butler, E.Quinn (3)
  11-Aug-2021Furness Trophy 21 19:00 Coast Road-21 (L212) Committee     L.Minnican (2)

Hill Climbs
  18-Aug-2021Tow Top HC 18:30 Tow Top Committee     Peter Abernethy (1)
  25-Aug-2021Woodland HC 18:30 Woodland Committee     K.Chadwick, R.Butler (1)
  01-Sep-2021Knotallow HC 18:30 Knotallow Committee     A.Stubbs, J.Hill (2)
  08-Sep-2021Bigland HC 18:30 Bigland Committee     R.Morgan, A.Barlow (1)
  15-Sep-2021Kirkby Slate Road HC 18:30 Kirkby Slate Road Committee     T.Stephenson, M.Patthamasing, N.Lawrence (1)
  22-Sep-2021Colton HC 18:15 Spark Bridge Committee     A.Sudell, A.Barlow (2)

1. All events are to be labelled as 'Come and Try It' events.