Full event list for 2017  (Click on the course name to see the route and profile)

Entry fees for club events are 3 for Seniors, 2 for Juniors (Juniors must bring a signed parental consent form)

Please note: As per CTT regulations, if there is no signage or marshal at a designated junction, the event cannot go ahead and will be cancelled.
Anyone wishing to fill gaps or be an extra marshal during the season, please let one of the officials know.

  DateEventStartCourse Timekeeper Marshals
05-Apr-201710 Club Event 18:30 Coast Road A.Nelson/S.Jenkin D.Stretch, K.Lacey
12-Apr-201710 Club Event 18:30 Coast Road A.Nelson/S.Jenkin H.Lindow, D.Schofield
15-Apr-2017 BCW SpoCo Open Event (21 mile) 14:00 Coast Road-21 (L212) T.Moore/S.Jenkin T.Johnston, S.Johnston, J.Lawley, S.Smith, P.McClure
19-Apr-2017 10 Club Event 18:30 Haverthwaite A.Nelson/S.Jenkin C.Anderson, E.Quinn, J.Hill
26-Apr-2017 Circuit of Rusland Trophy18:30 Rusland-Haverthwaite A.Nelson/S.Jenkin S.Casson, D.Stretch, R.Lindsay, I.Saunders, P.Revell, M.Uttley
02-May-2017Salt Ayre Criterium 18:00 Salt Ayre Graham Carrick  
03-May-201710 Club Event 18:30 Haverthwaite A.Nelson/S.Jenkin M.Connolly, P.Hercberg, N.Hercberg
10-May-2017Circuit of Coniston (1) 18:30 Lowick A.Nelson/S.Jenkin A.Nelson, J.Stephenson, J.Hodgson, D.Scott, R.Lindsay, P.Revell
17-May-2017Haverthwaite 20 19:00 Haverthwaite-20 C.Garnett/P.Williams S.Lovidge, P.Abernethy, M.Carroll, K.Lamb, A.Sawyer.
24-May-201710 Club Event 19:00 Haverthwaite S.Jenkin/P.Williams S.Jackson, T.Smith, J.Brannon
31-May-201710 Club Event 19:00 Coast Road A.Nelson/S.Jenkin S.Jackson, J.Brannon
06-Jun-2017Salt Ayre Criterium 18:00 Salt Ayre Graham Carrick S.Casson, J.Lawley
07-Jun-201710 Club Event 19:00 Coast Road P.Williams/S.Jenkin R.Bell, J.Brannon, G.Rhodes
14-Jun-201710 Club Event 19:00 Haverthwaite P.Williams/S.Jenkin Jon Brown, A.Pearson, M.Hingley, D.Brackwell
21-Jun-2017The Jackson Trophy 25 19:00 Coast Road-25 A.Nelson/S.Jenkin D.Hartley, C.Garnett, I.Saunders, J.Husband, A.Sales, P.Metcalfe, P.Rodger
28-Jun-201710 Club Event (2-up TTT) 19:00 Haverthwaite S.Jenkin/??? P. McLure, P.Hercberg, N.Hercberg, 1 required
04-Jul-2017Salt Ayre Criterium18:00 Salt Ayre John Stephenson  
05-Jul-2017Inter-Club 21 19:00 Coast Road-21 (L212) S.Jenkin P.Abernethy, P.Metcalfe, G.Carrick, M.Hingley
12-Jul-2017 10 Club event 19:00 Haverthwaite A.Nelson/S.Jenkin C.Wilkowski, A.Fairer, R.Spencer, L.Spencer, J.Calvert
19-Jul-2017 10 Club Event 19:00 Haverthwaite A.Nelson/S.Jenkin G.Rhodes, P.Knowles, C.Wilkowski, T.Johnston
26-Jul-201710 Club Event 19:00 Haverthwaite A.Nelson D.Huck, T.Johnston, 1 required
02-Aug-201710 Club Event 19:00 Haverthwaite A.Nelson/S.Jenkin D.Huck, A.McBirnie, R.Helm
08-Aug-2017Salt Ayre Criterium 18:00 Salt Ayre John Stephenson  
09-Aug-2017Club Cup 25 18:30 Coast Road-25 A.Nelson/S.Jenkin J.Lever, S.Casson, K.Allanson, J.Husband, E.Quinn, C.Wilkowski, A.Stubbs, B.Chadwick
16-Aug-2017The Furness Trophy 21 19:00 Coast Road-21 (L212) A.Nelson/S.Jenkin J.Calvert, S.Lovidge, P.Battersby, J.Lawley
21-Aug-2017Woodland HC 18:30 Woodland A.Nelson/S.Jenkin J.Hodgson, G.Pitman
23-Aug-201710 Club Event 18:30 Coast Road A.Nelson/S.Jenkin G.Rhodes, M.Carroll
28-Aug-2017Bigland HC (Inter-Club) 18:30 Bigland A.Nelson/S.Jenkin J.Lawley, J.Lever
30-Aug-201710 Club Event 18:30 Coast Road A.Nelson/M.Uttley J.Hill, D.Huck
01-Sep-201710 Club Event (Fancy Dress)18:30 Coast Road S.Jenkin A.Nelson, R.Helm
04-Sep-2017Gamswell HC (Inter-Club) 18:30 Gamswell A.Nelson/S.Jenkin J.Lawley, J.Hodgson
11-Sep-2017Knotallow HC 18:30 Knotallow A.Nelson/S.Jenkin J.Husband, J.Hodgson

1. All events are to be labelled as 'Come and Try It' events.
2. Due to the increasing nature of disruptions due to roadworks, we will keep all courses reserved for the right to move on the night, safety permitting.