Results - 2020

Note: Second claim members are included in the 'BCW' column for trophy and league purposes

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23-Sep-2020Colton Hill Climb
16-Sep-2020Kirkby Slate Road Hill Climb
09-Sep-2020Knottallow Hill Climb
31-Aug-2020Gamswell Hill Climb
26-Aug-2020Roa Island 16.5
24-Aug-2020Woodland Hill Climb
17-Aug-2020Bigland Hill Climb
12-Aug-2020Coast Road 21
29-Jul-2020Coast Road 10
15-Jul-2020Coast Road 10

Note - the BCW League table is just being run for fun this year (ie no trophies, just kudos among your peers!)
Think of it as a bit like 'Bullseye' - Look what you could have won :-)

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