Prize Winners - 2018


Trophy Winner Time/Speed
Club Champion Scott Smith 28.24 mph
Ladies Champion Christina Wiejak  
Junior Champion Scott Fisher  
Arthur Churchill Memorial Trophy
(for rider with best average speed over
10, 25 and 50 miles on Open courses)
Scott Smith 28.16 mph
Bill McDonald Memorial Trophy
(Circuit of Rusland)
1st  Dave Huck
2nd Andy Whiteside
Les Docker Trophy
(Circuit of Coniston - aggregate over 2 events)
Best time shown
1st  Dave Huck
2nd Kevin Chadwick
39:29 / 39:25
41:24 / 39:39
Furness Trophy
(21 mile Coast Road course)
1st  Dave Huck
2nd Kevin Chadwick
Hadwin Cup 25 mile trophy
1st  Dave Huck
2nd Scott Smith
Club Cup 25 mile trophy 1st  Scott Smith
2nd Kieran Lacey
Jackson 25 Trophy
(Coast Rd course)
1st  Dave Huck
2nd Kevin Chadwick
Wills Trophy
(fastest 30 on an 'L' course)
1st  Scott Smith
2nd Kieran Lacey
Bramwell Cup
(fastest 50 on an 'L' course)
1st  Scott Smith
2nd Kieran Lacey
Dodd 100 Trophy
(fastest 100 on an 'L' course)
1st Jonny Hill 04:08:18
King of the Mountains Trophy
(SpoCo results)
1st  Dave Huck
2nd Jonny Hill
918 points
562 points
Bert Dodd Memorial Trophy
(most improved rider)
Scott Smith  
David Coulson Memorial 10 Champion Scott Smith 27.87 mph
Club BAR (25/50/100 and 12hr) Paul Revell 18.47 mph
Vets BAR (50/100 and 12hr) Paul Revell 18.24 mph (+0.42)
Road Race Champion Dave Huck 49 points
Hill Climb Trophy Barrow Central Wheelers  
Whinnerah trophy
(for riding, marshalling, signs and attendance
at club events and meetings)
Steve Jenkin
Millennium Trophy
(for services to the Club)
Glenn Rhodes
League 1 1st  Dave Huck
2nd Scott Smith
340 points
339 points
League 2 1st  Stuart Garnett
2nd Christina Wiejak
303 points
295 points
League 3 1st  Richard Morgan
2nd Michal Connolly
285 points
283 points
League 4 1st  Rob Gerrard
2nd Max Dobie
245 points
228 points
Ladies League 1st  Christina Wiejak
2nd Sharon Lovidge
295 points
194 points
Outstanding achievement award
1st lady in the 3 Peaks Cyclocross race (again).
1st in the NorthWest Regional Road Race Championships.
18th in Ryedale GP out of 116 starters.
6 Club and Course records during the season (all on a road bike!).
Christina Wiejak  
Outstanding achievement award
Retaining his NLTTA regional Hill Climb Champion for the 4th consecutive year.
2nd place - Rake Hill Climb.
4th place - National Hill Climb Championship in Stocksbridge.
5 Club and course records and 1 club record during the season.
Dave Huck  
Outstanding achievement award
Bossing the CX league with 5 wins out of 7 rounds.
During the summer in XC MTB races out of 12 races he made the podium 9 times,
winning 5 regional races and 3rd 3 times in national events.
Paul Mashiter  
The LEMON award Sharon Lovidge  
Norton Trophy
(best rider around Bassenthwaite Lake)
not awarded  
Juvenile Champion not awarded