Club Kit

Our club kit is supplied by BIORACER.

Once you have joined the club, you can register on the BIORACER site using the link below and this will give you access to the club site, along with info on cost, sizing etc.
BIORACER Barrow Central Wheelers Club Shop

Note that there are three kits, the regular BCW kit, the black/white/yellow striped kit being a nod to one of the earlier BCW kits, and the yellow fluo winter kit.
Once logged in to the site, you can alternate between the 2 kits using the small tile icon to the right of your name at the top of the web page.


The club do have a small stock of various bits of clothing from our previous supplier, ENDURA, at greatly reduced prices to clear.
These are only in the black/red/yellow design. If you are interested in purchasing any of this, then please contact or .
Details of what is available from stock can be seen here.